Ancient City of Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan Balloons II

I am not sure if people were surprised when we chose Myanmar as our honeymoon getaway. Regardless, we chose that place since we wanted to have a more Indiana Jones type of an adventure for our next trip. Myanmar, or Burma, opened its door to tourist on 2013, after junta, former military leaders, have transferred its power to the civilian government. After long years of civil wars, things are slowly picking up and the country is gradually developing and opening up to other countries. You won’t expect majority of the modern comforts to be readily available, but that is the current charm of Myanmar.  We chose Bagan for the promise to see the temple ruins.

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Untouched Waters of El Nido


On May 30, Francis and I decided to visit the remote beaches of El Nido, Philippines. It is located at the northern tip of Palawan, a Philippine island nearer to Indonesia than to its own neighboring islands. I picked that over Boracay, another must-go beaches in Philippines (and in the world), because of the unsaturated chaos of tourism: the crowd, the jacked up prices and party atmosphere. In El Nido, you have the quiet white sand beaches, the serenity of the waves and virgin island mountains to explore.

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Moalboal, Cebu…we finally meet

The Diving Adventures continues!

It would be a shame if I, a Cebuana and diver, do not dive in my home base where it is said to be one of the best diving spots. And since there was free 2nd ticket TigerAir promo for OCBC cardholders (website), Francis and I grab the chance to sate our diving appetite. We left Sunday 27 April for 3 days in Moalboal, weekday dive to beat the crowd. Roundtrip 127 SGD. Best diving months are April to June.

Getting There:

Moalboal is a quiet town south of Cebu. Getting there is easy as long as you have the time. How to get to Cebu and more on Cebu info, you are refer to my previous post: click here

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Into the Remote Islands of Perhentian, Malaysia


We set out sights on July 12 to head to Perhentian Island, Malaysia with the 2 Francis and 2 Rachelle. In order to reach there, we need to land on Kota Bharu airport, followed by an hour ride to the jetty and finally a 30 min boat ride to reach the destination. It is indeed remote place to be. Although Firefly have direct flight from SG to Kota Bahru airport, I did not fancy riding on a propeller driven plane so we opt to have a stopover to KL. We had to time it right since the last boat from the jetty leaves at 4:30pm. Good thing that there are a lot of budget airlines that flies to KL. Flights were inexpensive and about 231SGD round trip plus 70RM land drive. The boat ride was inclusive of the hotel package.

It was 1 SGD to 2.48 RM

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Majestic Sand Dunes of Mui Ne

Mui Ne

We continue our Vietnam journey from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne. To know about our Ho Chi Minh experience, click here

To get to Mui Ne, we had to book our bus seats in Ho Chi Minh. I would say our bus experience was decent to say the least. The reason I am not recommending this agent is that I have read many bad reviews about it. The only reason we took it was that the tickets to Mui Ne are fast selling out and we happen to find out this agent have few more to spare. The 1st leg was a sleeping bus so the seats are reclining. It was alright. The only thing that annoyed me was the bus driver was honking the horn non stop and he takes his sweet time overtaking the transportation in front of us. It was a slow 5 hour ride. There was only 1 stopover at the 3rd hour for bladder relief and something to eat. My advice is to avoid drinking a lot or relieve yourself before hopping on the bus. The bus will drop you off at the hotel and pick you up after giving them a call for the return trip. Heading back, we had the normal seating bus but the experience was slightly better.  The driver was still slow but had smoother driving. Round trip ticket was 400k dong. Maybe the train would be better for the 5 hour journey.

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