About the traveller

Home can be any place that sparks a connection to me. I had lived half of my life in a tiny island called Cebu in Philippines and had never set foot away from my humble home. On 2009, I made a leap of faith and head off to work in Singapore. Armed with one luggage and a plane ticket, my eyes were finally open to the new and exciting things everywhere. I resolved then and there to experience the rest of the world, aiming to have at least 1 chance every year to do the same thing: one luggage and a plane ticket to somewhere amazing.

I want you to join me as I discover old and new friends, traditions and innovation, breathtaking landscapes and stunning city lights, classic eats and unique gourmet. I may not have the best advice on where to go or what to do but I can tell you a story on how it can be and the adventures we had. I also enjoy hearing your journey and next recommended places to explore.

So far, my footsteps have made their mark on Asia. On 2009, the new city was Singapore.

On 2010, I had traveled to:







So let’s book a ticket and start the adventure of a lifetime 🙂

Some helpful tips for your journey:

What to bring before your trip”
Why do you travel?


Got more tips?

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