Majestic Mt Fuji, Japan


After spending a night in Tokyo, me and Francis then head off by train to the most photographed volcano of Japan, Mt Fuji. You can actually see the mountain from several places like Hakone (hot springs) and even in Tokyo. For us, we wanted to see it up close at Kawaguchiko. We made an arrangement for our hotel to pick us up at the station.

If you want to know more about the Tokyo trip, check out my article.

We booked for 2 nights at Onsen Hotel New Century. Their website is in Japanese so better book at a 3rd party hotel reservation website. They have their own onsen (hot bath) in the hotel, yes! I don’t need to go to a public one. They even have their own bath toiletries provided (shampoo, facial lotion, etc). I am quite shy at being naked in front of people so I chose to go late at night. I was not used to the hot temperature and only stayed for 15 mins. I hear Japanese go for at least 1 hour.


You have the option to choose a western room or a traditional Japanese room in this hotel. We chose the traditional, of course! We want to experience what it is like.The room was quite nice, with chair and table at the ground, futon as the bed and traditional clothes to wear.The toilet seat, as usual, has the unique feature of warm seat and butt washing device (bidet). Another plus was the breakfast was a full Japanese meal. Simple, various tasting dishes to enjoy (fish for breakfast anyone?). I would definitely go back! We paid 576.52 SGD for 2 nights.


The town is quite small but picturesque. You can walk the whole stretch for a day. We took the Kachi Kachi Ropeway(720 YEN), a cable car that goes up to an adjacent mountain from Mt Fuji to look at the panoramic view. Mt Fuji is beautiful, and we were lucky that we got clear skies the whole time we were there. It is said winter is best time to see it. We wanted to also check out the Sakagura or Sake Brewery Tour. It is 500 YEN for tour, free souvenir and tasting, but the tour will be in Japanese. Their website is in Japanese so just ask the tourist office or your hotel front desk to call for you. Unfortunately, their slots were booked on the days we were in.

Up next, we will be off to Kyoto


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