Bargain Shopping and Bell Temples in Bangkok, Thailand (x2)

Part 1: With A Friend

Oct 26, Friday is a holiday! What better way to take advantage of a long weekend by heading to Bangkok for girls’ vacation, which, of course, involves shopping and some TLC. Ida, Hannah and I booked our tickets in advance since we know that great minds think alike, and no doubt ticket prices will be soaring high as the month goes closer. We got our AirAsia round trip plane tickets for SGD$250 each. Last time we checked, the ticket were already at SGD$370. Ida got sick and she had to opt out of the trip. There seem to be a pattern here lately in my trips. (Eiwa couldn’t go in our Beijing trip due to visa issues) Hmm…anyway, there will always be a next time.

1 SGD = 24.86 THB (Baht)

We left Thursday night and took the cab to the hotel (remember to request for the meter). Hot pink taxi! Who would have thought of it?

Our hotel is CMYK @ Ratchada or Myhotel. It is a decent place with decent facilities. The rooms were named after colors. We got Bordeaux hehe Nice concept but could have been better on interior design of the rooms. We paid THB3240 for 3 nights.  The place was near to the train station and massage places. No restaurants, more on night life so you need to travel to other locations for good food. There is supposedly a night market but we are saving up for the big one on Sat 🙂

We didn’t pack too much in the itinerary. On Friday, we did the tourist spots: Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) and Wat Arun. These places are near to each other. Boats are available when heading to Wat Arun. Land travel is easy. There are taxi, tuktuk and the train station. For taxi, make sure to use the meter. It is cheaper than haggling with the tuktuk driver but you can try the tuktuk for the experience. Tuktuk driver usually mention the price before you ride. You need to know the average price to travel to your destination. It usually range around THB100 till 200 depending on how far it is. Train stations are everywhere in the city and near to tourist attraction.

As temples are considered sacred in Thailand, please make sure your shoulders, legs and feet are covered. Bring water, hat and towel because the weather is hot and the place might be crowded. Entrance fee would be THB400+100+50 (total of 550). The architecture is just beautiful and different. I love the temples in Wat Pho.

Grand Palace

Wat Pho

Wat Arun

Later that night, we met fellow Couchsurfers, one of them, Film, is a local and is going to show us around. She took us to Klang Soi, famous for its Thai food and it didn’t disappoint. Her friend then took us to Iron Fairies , a local bar. It was very chill and had nice ambiance. The entrance wasn’t attractive, we would have missed it as another closed up shop. The place reminds me of  old house in a spooky night, perfect theme as this weekend is Halloween. The band was playing at 2nd level near the broken spiraling stairways. Very cool, jazzy place.

Saturday is shopping day! Chatuchak market is the bomb. It is a huge market that opens on the weekend. You will get lost and you can try to get lost among the bargains items. Some shops sell same items and most of them sell slightly different things. Some vendors are sweet and give you an awesome discount, others will give you the face and refuse to budge. Regardless, all items are cheap. Just make sure to bring a bag to place your bought items and light clothing. It is usually packed with people, so go early. There are many food places around it. Thai food is delicious! If you don’t have a taste for spicy food, you can request to make it mild.

We wanted to explore the malls (as if we didn’t have enough shopping) but we got to Siam station where they are located, it was already around 8 pm. Shops were starting to close by the time we were done having dinner. We instead explore the night market around it. Pity we didn’t have the energy to head to the bars and club for some fun. There is always the next time for everything.

Sunday was all about relaxation, meaning massage and nail beauty. After 3 hours of pampering, we were light as a feather and feeling really good. One hour massage only costed about THB300. The trip had a nice tempo and I quite like the city. I will definitely be back for sure.


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