Asia’s Portuguese city: Macau

We made a side day trip to Macau on Oct 14 after arriving in Hong Kong. From China Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong, we took an hour boat ride. It was HKD305 for round trip. You can use Hong Kong dollars in Macau but you would need a separate visa if your country is not part of the visa free list.

During that time, 1 SGD = 5.9 HKD

We were greeted by beautiful hotels in a quaint European setting mixing together with Asian temples. There were several tour guides in the departure area and we managed to take a good bargain: HKD200 per person for a whole day tour in a private car. So off we went to visit some of the most famous attractions and no, we were not interested in popular hobby of casino gambling. Do note I have not been to Vegas so do forgive my amazement. I did hear Vegas is way better. That will be in my bucket list.

  • Wynn Hotel. They have a fountain show every hour. Its a combination of sound, lights, bursts of fire and water pyrotechnics. Pity we didn’t get to see the night show. The noon show was pretty cool but it was too hot.
  • Grand Prix Museum. Our 1st stop. Here all the race cars and cycles are showcased. Really damn cool
  • Kwan-yin Statue. She is the goddess of mercy and her statue is a huge, maybe 30 story building
  • A-Ma Temple. One of the oldest  temple for prayers. Along the side, a store named Pastelaria Koi Kei that sells amazingly good egg tarts. We didn’t had much time to go food exploring but I can see the food here is similar to Chinese and Portuguese fusion.

  • Senado Square, also called Largo do Senado. Its the city center. The pavement were in cobblestones. 1st time I have seen roads built like this.
  • St. Domingo‘s Church. A yellow and green church near to the Square
  • St Paul College Ruins. I never had imagined a college building could be so intricately build with stone carvings. Only the front portion of the building remains after the fire. There is an underground museum with crypts of monks and relics from the excavation.
  • Hard Rock Hotel. They displayed guitars from famous singers.
  • City of Dreams. It is right beside Hard Rock Hotel and has 2 amazing shows: Dragon Show and The House of the Dancing Waters. The Dragon show was free but we needed to purchase the ticket for the Dancing Waters. Unfortunately the time is not enough, I saw the trailer and it really looked good. I posted the trailer just in case.
             Dragon Show
             House of the Dancing Water


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