Bustling City of Hong Kong

Oct 13, I was airbound to Hong Kong as I will be meeting Charles, his ex-wife and her gay friend (names withheld) there. We will be staying there for 2 and a half days with a side trip to Macau (see my other blog: Asia’s Portuguese city: Macau).

I took Tiger Airways coz it had a lower price range than the other budget airlines (SGD293). Unfortunately it was hard to find the Budget Airport Terminal if you don’t take a cab. The seats were not that comfortable so it gave me more reason not to recommend this [updates: I heard that Australia Tiger Airways had a ban on flying due to safety reasons and several complaints about Singapore Tiger Airways of purposely delaying flights if the head count is not sufficient]

The MRT was tourist friendly with directions and instructions on where to go. I had to buy Octopus card to be able to use the MRT trains. It can be used to pay for your shopping, car parking fee, public facilities, etc so its very convenient

Our hostel, City Econo Guesthouse , is located at the heart of Kowloon, one of the big cities. Good location except for 1 thing: dear Charles managed to book the rest of the days except on the day we arrive. I had to do a panic scouting of a place to stay at 10pm. I managed to find one. A lady, who knows a place with vacant rooms with decent price, escorted me and a bunch of people to a narrow ally where to a hidden hostel in a quite area. A bit sketchy on the arrangement but I managed to book 2 rooms for 1 night for HKD500. The rooms were not bad and had decent leg room.

I got another surprise when my companions arrived.  Their room was handed over to another couple while I was asleep. The owner doesn’t speak English and the middleman(woman) left for the night. We managed to get a refund because there was no spare room for the other couple to stay. I was pissed. Things didn’t look too good at the start of this trip.

Next day, we went back to City Econo and finally got the rooms. The owners were very friendly and the rooms was decent. The location was really good, accessible to many areas. There is even bus stop that goes to airport. Nice. Its HKD450 for a 3 person room so that’s HKD150 per night per person. We dropped our bags and head to China Ferry Terminal to purchase tickets for Macau day trip. (see my other blog: Asia’s Portuguese city: Macau)

During that time, 1 SGD = 5.9 HKD

Next day, we decided to go to Ocean Park instead of Disneyland for HKD222. We took the cable car for a wonderful view of the mountains and sea. There an attraction that people get to tour around a massive aquarium that, I believe, is 3 floors high and filled with HUGE fishes of different kinds. They had a Halloween theme going on so it was a bummer we didn’t purchase the night pass for the night party and scary rides.

We then head to Avenue of the Stars  to see the famous Symphony of Lights across the Victoria bay. Its located at the Tsim Sha Tsui area. The light show starts every 8pm. A radio song would play loudly and the lights of different building starts to pulse to the beat. It was interesting sight and must have been a complex coordination for that cool effect. The night shot of the bay is amazing with all the skyscrapers and we chanced upon an ancient Chinese boat moving along the waters. We walked along the avenue and saw Hong Kong’s Hollywood stars’ names engraved on the floor with Bruce Lee as the main attraction.

Next day, we went to Mongkok where all the bargain items are on sale, especially electronic goods. There, I bought my camera lens at a decent price. There are many street food stalls and some with “interesting” smell and sight. You have to try it for curiosity sake. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try the authentic Peking duck dish. The foods were priced ok. I would like to visit Hong Kong again for more adventures as I feel there are more places to explore.


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